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DNS Query Estimator

The DNS Query Estimator uses a variety of sources, and estimates the volume of DNS queries to your domain per month.

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About Authoritative DNS Query Estimator

The Authoritative DNS Query Estimator allows you to provide some common drivers of DNS traffic that you may know from other areas of website management, such as the Page Views and Unique Visitors hitting your website, or email volume. You may be able to obtain accurate numbers for these drivers from tools like Google Analytics, or other similar tools. Most managed DNS providers charge based on traffic, so being able to accurately quote current usage as well as anticipate future usage allows you to plan accordingly.

Your DNS TTL (Time To Live) values impact how long your Authoritative DNS answers are cached by Recursive DNS servers. Higher DNS TTL values will result in lower query estimates.

All inputs expect monthly figures, and results are monthly. The results of this tool are approximate, and are intended to help you gauge the volume of DNS traffic to your domain.

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